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The concept of appraisal has been widely treated in many literatures writers has tried to explain what appraisal means, and the researcher observed in the review of existing literatures that there are no significant different in the various definition preferred. Among the significant definition are those of Acuriegal and Etolm (1992) performance appraisal is the process of systematically evaluating each employee job related strengths and weakness as well as determining ways to improve his or his performance.The definition is significant because it highlighted the important objective in value of appraisal, which is performance improvement. Bunker and Alther (1992) define performance appraisal as a formal structured system designed to measure the actual job performance of a employees, compared to designed performance standard. This project will b divided into five chapters. Chapter one: this chapter will treat everything concerning the study which involves the introduction, background of the study, it will also go further to look into the statement of the problems purpose of the study, significance of the study. Chapter two – this was to do with related literature review requirement of effective appraisal system usefulness of performance appraisal system organization. Chapter three – this will treat research design and methodology research instrument sources of data research method and population sample size.Chapter four this treats the analysis and presentation of data and interpretation of data. Chapter five – it deals with the summary of recommendation and conclusion to the appraisal system bibliography appendix.





Performance appraisal is one of the activities in personnel management concerned with evaluation employees as individual in term of their job performance. Performance appraisal has been define by several authors Ploukerk and Attner (1992:10) define performance appraisal as a formal system designed of measure the actual job performance of an employee, compared to designated performance standards.The question that immediately comes to mind is why it is necessary to measure employee’s performance the answer of this question lies in the fact that controlling as a major aspect of the managerial functions, whose essence cannot be over emphasized controlling seek to assess performance to determine. It there is any deviation from standard, so that corrective action can be taken appraisal control function. Its aim is to measure employee’s performance against predetermined standard, so as to determine whether job duties been effectively carried out.


The Enugu North Local Government Area, is a local government area in Enugu stat. The local government was created through the administration government of Awolowo. He created many local government in Nigeria which Enugu North was included. The Enugu North was large in number which Enugu South, Enugu East, Enugu Central and many of them was include in Enugu North local government then. After some pasted government the new general president then make Enugu North local government area to standing on his own and create more local government out of it, which is Enugu East, Enugu South and Enugu Central and others. Before making other local government from it, Enugu North has make some achieve by helping the state government to collect some revenue(s) in the state. In Enugu North local government they have many department like Administration department. Education department, finance department and health care department and many of them.

The administration department are the people that employing the new staff in the local government. The education department are seen for the primary school teachers in their area and supervise them for their work. They also provide rooms for the adult people. In otehr local government for education. The finance department are in charge of income that comes in the local government and how it was spent, while the health care are in charge of health centers in their local area taking care of children giving them B.C.G and registrate the new birth bodies.The Enugu North local government was the first local area in Enugu state that have I.N.E.C. office which helping the state INEC to perform their duties well through the time of election. In this way appraisal process can enhance employee job performance. The aim therefore is to empirically establish the extent of relationship between appraisal and job performance, among employees of Enugu North Local Government Area.


Management has to do with the acquisition and utilization of resources to the end that individual, organization and society goals are achieved. And the resources of organization include human resources by the rating and evaluation of their performance generated by the organizations performance on the job, as well as opportunities and prospect for growth and development are influenced in so small part by the nature and validity of the organization performance appraisal system.


For the objective of research is to examining the good appraisal system in organization and effectiveness, the following areas will be looked at:

i. To evaluate comparatively, the adequacy or inadequacy of these appraisal system based on the views of authority in the subject, and with specific regard to how it promotes or hinders effectives job performance amongst employees of these organization.

ii. To appraise the good performance of employees in three organization.

iii. Depending on the finding on 1 and 2, to adverse a new course of action, on how best organization can utilize the appraisal process to obtain, promote and maintain effective job performance.


The scope of this research is limited to an examination of the nature of the effect of performance appraisal on employee performance in Enugu North Local Government Area. The researcher encountered a number of limitations in this work, which one enumerated as follows;

a. Attitude of respondents

b. Time and finance given that time and finance has been sufficient, this study would have encompassed more than this.

c. Proximity and accessibility: this work carried –out in the midst of academic pressures this nearness and accessibility to good source of data because of difficult concern.


The following research questions are asked in order to ascertain correct and liable information needed in the result of this study. They are as follow:

1. To what extent has the value system added to the formal performance of this company?

2. How far has your performance been evaluated in the last one year?

3. What personality evaluates your performance?

4. What are the reasons for evaluating performance?

5. What ways does your boss evaluate your performance?

6. Is the method the best to you?


This research is expected to highlight the effect of performance appraisal on the job performance of employee of organization in Enugu North Local Government Area.  This significant factor which could be responsible for this trend in ineffective job performance by employee’s the result of this study is therefore companies who may be unaware of the problems inherent in their performance measurement or appraisal system. This research would also be of great assistance to employees who will be opportune to express their opinion and views with respect to the process of appraisal in the organization with directly affect their performance.


For a better and understanding of this work it is vital the pertinent term be defined: Appraisal is a system where the management accesses the performance of individual in the organization Performance Is the process of evaluating employee actual performance. Employee This may resign his appointment with this employee by giving adequate notice or by payment in lieu of notice.

Organization – it the process of going activities time of authority and responsibility.

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